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Flowers That Mean Admiration

Whether it's your Mum who has done all she can over the years to raise you right, a friend who has overcome the odds and come out stronger on the other side or a grandparent that is the life and soul of the family that you admire, there's a flower for that! When it comes to floriography and the meaning of flowers, there are a fair few blooms that are said to have ties to the concept of admiration.


It's hard not to admire the delicate and intriguing orchid, which is something you'll communicate when you give one of these plants to someone close to you. These highly distinctive flowers symbolise rare and delicate beauty. Be sure to add that tidbit to the gift tag for brownie points!


The general meaning of these flowers is love, affection and admiration. If you're sending them to someone you admire, who lives far away, choose pink camellia as it's said to mean longing – ideal if you're missing the recipient.

Sweet William

A popular late summer bloomer, Sweet William is actually one of the only flowers to symbolise masculinity. When it comes to the flower's meaning, it is said to represent gallantry. Historically, Sweet William was mentioned in romantic ballads as a noble, lovelorn hero, so give these to your knight in shining armour.

Lavender rose

If a flower could get its very own Disney movie, it would be the lavender rose. It's the princess of the flower world, growing in mesmerising shades of purple. This enchanting coloured bloom is said to mean just that – enchantment. Give this spectacular coloured rose to someone you're seeing as your romance blossoms to let them know you admire them.


Amaryllis is not just for Christmas, it's also the perfect flower for letting someone know that you find them incredibly beautiful. But that you also value them beyond their beauty. Swap your poinsettia for a bouquet of amaryllis this festive season and give this to someone you admire for their beauty and grace.

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